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Upgrade skill sets for individuals and large organizations


Improve flying skills


Operations standards


Build new UAV schools

Develop Unmanned
Systems Flying Skills

Our training academy courses provide pilot with the skills they need to advance their skills, and earn their license. Our courses meet the highest FAA standards, and help pilots navigate the bureaucracy needed to get a license in any country.

Create New Standards

Our drone experts work with government regulators to develop licensing standards and requirements for drone flight. We also develop the coursework required to license individuals in these activities

Build a Drone School

Our International Unmanned Training Center of Excellence can be applied at any location in the world, enabling you to deliver drone courses and certify pilots in any UAV technology. We work with government agencies and private organizations to create a program that meets your drone needs

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Faster accreditation

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Deep, existing knowledge base

Highly experienced drone pilots

In-person training anywhere

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