integration & maintenance

Keep Your Drone Fleet Airborne

Maintenance and integration
to keep your fleet flying high

Maintenance & Repair

Fix any drone issues


Connects payloads to systems

Knowledge Transfer

Share knowledge effectively

Ensure Smooth Operations

Our technicians travel anywhere in the world to maintain and repair drones. Available as both direct engagement and white label service, in addition to long-term engagements.

Connect Every System

Not every system is plug-and-play. Our technicians build integrations between your payload and system, so you can easily access the data captured on a drone flight.

Transfer Knowledge Across Borders and Sites

Our effective knowledge transfer program enables organizations to effectively and accurately share carry out Transfer of Technology (TOT) between manufactures and governments.

Aerodrome Integration & Maintenance Ensures Smooth Operations

Puts You In Control

Reliable ongoing maintenance

Global repairs

Payload integration with any system

Knowledge sharing

White label

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